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Evolve & Align

Feb 20, 2023

In the episode I speak about:

- Navigating life in my Saturn Return (it’s my 29th birthday!!)

- Exploration into my Human Design Profile and why it is important in my life right now

- A conversation about the aging process, and how you can change your mindset and perception on getting older

- 9 things I’ve learned...

Feb 13, 2023

In this episode I talk about:

    - The frequency of gratitude vs. lack

    - The importance of the energetics behind loving where you are at in the NOW, in the present moment 

    - Unconditional self-love and self-worth along your journey

    - How to work with me on your journey to up-level to your highest self on...

Feb 6, 2023

In this episode I chat all things Human Design! I share:

  • What Human Design is and an introduction into the topic/tool
  • The definition of Human Design, along with what HD means to me
  • The idea that HD is meant to be an expansive tool, not something that is constrictive or puts you in a box
  • An intro into the different...